Stacy Bolt



Here are some samples of a few things I’ve worked on and that I’m particularly proud of. This is only a tiny fraction of what I’ve done, but it represents the type of work I truly love to do. If you’d like to see more, let’s talk

JiffyCo (Microsoft)

Microsoft asked us to create something that would promote their software suite to small businesses. We came up with a weird, endearing little comic book about a fictional company called JiffyCo. Amazingly, they bought it. 

Special thanks to my partner in crime, Geoffrey Lorenzen. Gleeches forever!


The Oregon Humane Society

OHS needed to raise money—lots of it—to fund a new wing that would allow them to expand their services and kick even more butt than they already were. This ended up being one of their most successful capital campaigns to date and helped create the Animal Medical and Learning Center that’s now a fully-operational part of the Oregon Humane Society. 

Special thanks to my creative partner Bob Thompson, who wasn’t afraid to do a photo shoot with cats. 


The Gene Trust Project

This one was tough. The client wanted to get people to voluntarily submit their DNA to help them study the genetics of disease and speed up the rate of medical discovery.  It was a big ask, but also a big reward. And ultimately, it worked. Thousands of people participated and the work is still reaping rewards.

Special thanks to my creative partner Marie Murphy, with whom I went through many boxes of Kleenex.